this friday (1/25/2013) at the co-prosperity sphere there will be a release party for the new all comics issue of LUMPEN magazine.

there will be works by:

Ryan Travis Christian, Andy Burkholder, Bernie McGovern, Ben Bertin, Blaise Larmee, Edie Fake, Grant Reynolds, Ben Marcus, Leslie Wiebeler, Jason Overby, Nate Beaty, Max Morris, Joe Tallarico, Marieke McClendon, Nick Drnaso, Lyra Hill, Sara Drake, Lale Westvind, Eric Rivera, Carrie Vinarsky, Anya Davidson, George Hansen, Jeremy Tinder, Ian Mcduffie, Krystal Difronzo, Paul Nudd, Lizz Hickey, Marian Runk, Keith Herzik, Brooks Golden, Nick Williams, Trubble Club
Susan Sarandon, Luke Temby (Cupco), Aaron Renier, Ryan Duggan, and David Alvarado.



so quiet, so busy, so sorry.

I’ll be showing a soft sculpture with some weaving components at this here show! lots of talented ladies, GO TO IT IF YOU CAN (really.)


in other news, Sara Drake and I have officially launched Meanwhile… here’s a public address written up by Sara:


our first interview (with publisher Annie Koyama) has just been posted.